AI drug discovery
Experimental Screens

Exscientia has built internal capability to generate seed data new discovery projects. These include high capacity fragment screening using both surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and high throughput X-ray crystallography. Exscientia’s internal capabilities for cloning, expression, purification, SPR assay development and crystallisation provide the means to rapidly initiate new projects

Exscientia has also advanced biosensor capability for screening GPCR complexes

  • Biosensor screening of ‘wild type’ GPCRs
  • SPR fragment screening of GPCRs
  • Transduceome profiling the entire family of GPCR-Gprotein / b-arrestin complexes
  • High-throughput biosensor screening of GPCR-Gprotein complexes

Exscientia Phenotypic AI design technology can be applied to optimizing drugs against human disease relevant high content assays (e.g. patient-derived stem cells). Through partners Exscientia can access high-throughput robotic, high content screening infrastructure.