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Our Mission

Finding faster and smarter ways to discover new and better drugs is what drives Exscientia.

By actively applying AI to precision engineer medicines more rapidly and efficiently, we will enable people to live more healthy and productive lives.

To address this challenge, we are re-imagining the way drug discovery is implemented, combining the latest AI technique with experimental innovation to engineer a new set of processes for drug discovery.

Founded in 2012, we are leading the development of a new discipline; pharmatech, which is at the interface of advanced AI application and complex drug discovery.

We were the first company to automate drug design and are the first to have an AI-designed molecule enter clinical trials.

As a full stack AI drug discovery company, we focus on implementing AI design as well as precision data generation. Together these maximise the power and fidelity of the integrated AI and machine learning systems.

By focusing on both design and experiment, we are able to significantly accelerate the preclinical drug discovery stage to enable the delivery of new treatments to patients worldwide.