Founded in 2012, we are the leading pharmatech company and the first to automate drug discovery. As a full stack AI drug discovery company, we generate our own data before combining the analytical power of AI with the creativity and expertise of our world-class scientists. This allows us to shorten the pre-clinical drug discovery stage by at least three-quarters and, in turn, substantially accelerate the delivery of new treatments to patients worldwide.


At the end of this century, the global population is expected to reach 11 billion while, by 2050, the average life expectancy in Europe will be close to 100. Yet, still, it takes around 10-15 years for a drug to go from initial discovery to the marketplace. That’s too long. Only by finding a quicker, smarter, more precise way of discovering and developing new drugs can we hope to meet the medical needs of more people living longer lives.


Our highly scalable drug discovery platform is built on best-in-class, validated proprietary AI technology guided by the unrivalled knowledge and experience of our scientists. By decreasing the number of compounds analysed per drug by hundreds, we can dramatically reduce the time and cost of discovering and developing new medicines. We believe this balance of AI plus human creativity is the future of drug discovery. And it’s already started.


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