Unlocking the power of AI and human creativity to discover new drugs.


Tree of knowledge. Tree of life. 

Exscientia’s tree sculpture logo is based on a sketch found in Darwin’s notebook where he first proposed a theory of evolution and natural selection. Developing AI to be creative follows similar principles to evolution to generate new ideas and using models to select the best. 



We are the leading pharmatech company and the first to automate drug discovery. Our aim is to make safer, more sophisticated drugs available to all - more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

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AI Drug Discovery

Using our revolutionary AI technology and unrivalled data science expertise, we are transforming the economics and productivity of drug discovery to dramatically reduce the time it takes to deliver treatments to patients.
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We collaborate with some of the world’s largest blue chip pharma companies. We are also building joint ventures with leading innovators and are developing our own pipeline of projects.
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Exscientia Announces First AI-Designed Immuno-Oncology Drug to Enter Clinical Trials

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We are a creative, passionate and collaborative organisation dedicated to setting bold new standards in drug discovery and design. If you have the ingenuity, energy and ambition to help us change the world, we would love to hear from you.

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