AI Drug Discovery


Leading Pharmatech innovator and the first to successfully apply AI to small molecule drug discovery, Exscientia are at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Innovation at Exscientia is delivering advances in high-quality data acquisition and discovery-relevant Machine Learning, coupled with Model Building and innovative Generative Design, all implemented by our internal team of hand-picked experts.

Not only is each component skillfully designed to fulfill  key design objectives but together they are engineered to deliver a cohesive AI platform for Hit to Candidate drug discovery.

We work on drug target selection, applying AI to the wealth of published literature in innovative ways that help us understand targets with breadth that no individual experiment could ever deliver.

This helps us in multiple ways; to assess targets proposed by clients; to identify centres of excellence for specific projects; and to prioritise targets for our own pipeline. Together, these maximise the chance of target-driven concepts successfully passing through each of the stage gates required during drug discovery.

Because we are a full stack AI drug discovery company generating our own data, we are also able to develop our own pipeline. This means we can work with unprecedented accuracy, speed and scalability, including in therapy areas where data is limited. Our platform delivers a more rapid and cost effective route to discovering drug candidates, with the near-term potential to deliver a ten-fold improvement in productivity in the drug discovery industry.